Molly’s to relocate

By Thomas Verschelde

Molly’s Eatery & Drinkery is in the process of moving from its longtime location at 1022 W. Lincoln Highway to where the Campus Club dance club used to be.

Kujtime Redzepi, owner of Molly’s Eatery and Drinkery, said they are moving because their lease was up at 1022 W. Lincoln Highway and the location was bought by CVS Pharmacy.

DeKalb City Manager Steve Kapitan said CVS Pharmacy has tried to move into the property for a while, but the property’s owner asked for a subsidy from the city for about $200,000 and for Molly’s to be relocated. The city declined the owner’s conditions and CVS Pharmacy bought the property anyway.

While the new location, at 1000 W. Lincoln Highway, is near the old one, some said it might cause Molly’s to lose some business.

“When I come back to DeKalb, I always look for Molly’s on that corner,” said 2007 NIU alumnus Tony Madsen. “Anytime people are used to a business at a certain location and it moves, it loses that location recognition.”

Redzepi said she doesn’t think they will lose business in the move.

“Molly’s has been in Dekalb for 25 years,” Redzepi said. “We moved nearby because it is a great location, and we feel the customers will appreciate it being close to our old location.”

2007 NIU alumnus Jermaine Pigee said he feels the bar should remain a success.

“Molly’s was the place to go when I was in college,” Pigee said. “I feel like the old location was a good one, but I feel like wherever they go they will have success.”

Pigee also said since they are moving from a high-traffic corner, they might see a small drop in business.

“The new location won’t be as revealing,” Pigee said. “It’ll be tucked away a little bit and they could lose some business because they are not as out in the open.”

Kapitan said the overall move of Molly’s out and CVS Pharmacy in should be good for the city.

“That shopping center has had a difficult time of keeping tenants,” Kapitan said. “CVS Pharmacy moving into that location is probably a positive thing for the city. It is also positive that the city is not losing the restaurant and bar tax from Molly’s.”