In Focus: What’s the most under-utilized resource in DeKalb?

By Jack Baker

Jack Baker


It’s kind of amazing how many people don’t take advantage of all of the scholarships offered through the scholarship office. There are hundreds of them for just about every major and activity offered at NIU. However, so few people actually apply for them. The scholarship office has resources that can help you improve your applications and find out more about all of the scholarships offered here. More students should take advantage of this resource … or maybe not, because then there will be more money available for me.

Alyssa Pracz


Some of the resources that students often forget to take advantage of is the variety of food choices – particularly in the residence halls. Res hall food isn’t exactly a favorite, and people usually get sick of it fast, but that’s also because students go to the same place to eat all the time. If you venture out and try switching it up a bit, it might help you avoid eating the same chicken sandwich everyday. Also, it’s nice that we are blessed with a free recreational center, however it sucks when you have to wait forever to get on a treadmill or elliptical. If it’s busy, a good alternative would be to go to the field house. It’s often less crowded and there is usually a readily available machine to use.

Aaron Brooks


The most under-utilized resource at NIU is the Holmes Student Center, but that’s probably because it’s the most under-equipped resource on campus. The computer lab is always full, dining options are poor, the Huskie Den is empty 90 percent of the time, the façade is ugly, the merchandise in the bookstore is overpriced and, in my opinion, it does not serve as the focal point of NIU. Student centers should be the main hub of any good university, attracting students to eat, socialize and relax. Sadly, HSC is mainly used as a printing center and a place to keep warm while waiting for the bus. How about spending $6 million to upgrade a facility that is used for all students, not just football players!

Martha Lueck


It’s always good to take advantage of the stores in DeKalb you would rarely find outside of an enclosed mall or in your hometown. Before I started college, I didn’t know where there was a strip mall that had JC Penney. When I found out that the store is in a strip mall that’s about 10 minutes away from campus, I thought it was really convenient. It’s nice not having to pass 1,000 stores to find one or two items. It’s good to know that there’s a perfect location for a store that has what I need, especially if it’s for last-minute shopping. I don’t have a car on campus, but if I did, the money I would be spending on gas would go to a cool new outfit. Proximity has its perks.

Colin Remes


The Huskie Den is the most under-utilized resource in DeKalb. This place has bowling and billiards which are games that can be enjoyed by pros, amateurs or people who have never played them before and just want to have a fun time with their friends. It’s a nice alternative to going to the same three bars every weekend, or a good pre-bar activity if for some reason you haven’t gotten tired of bar hopping.