Two SA Supreme Court justices impeached Sunday, one Senator dropped

By Felix Sarver

Two Student Association Supreme Court justices were impeached, several senators were inducted and one senator was dropped at the SA Senate meeting Sunday.

Justices Ryan Hebda and Courtney Hogan were impeached for neglecting their duties and lack of attendance. According to Chief Justice Heather Hentbrook’s letter requesting removal of the justices to Senate Speaker Austin Quick, the Court had several official meetings and hearings neither Hogan or Hebda were present for. The Court’s attempts to schedule meetings and hearings have been “drastically impaired” due to the justices’ inactivity, according to the letter.

“It’s never something to take lightly to remove someone from office,” Quick said.

Quick said Hebda said he had personal issues preventing him from carrying out his duties, but Quick also said Hebda had not warned anyone about these issues ahead of time.

Quick said Hogan turned in a letter of resignation but did not turn it in on a business day for it to be counted.

Senator Derek Maple gave the only dissenting vote in the impeachment of Hogan.

Three new senators were inducted into the Senate: Ariel McClay, Kazimier Chevas and Alan Hurt.

McClay, sophomore political science major, said she wanted to make a difference through the senate. When asked what specifically she wanted to make a difference in, McClay said she was concerned about university vehicles riding on sidewalks.

“From my personal standpoint that is something I [have run] into a lot,” McClay said.

Chevas, senior political science major, said he wanted to act as an alternative voice to the SA. Chevas said he is serving as president of Delta Chi, a social fraternity. Chevas said he was also a senator last semester.

Hurt said senators have the opportunity to mold and shape the minds of thousands of students through bills.

“I hope to be part of a process that is bigger than us all,” Hurt said. “A process that sees through colors, avoids sides and in some ways inspires students…to want to change the world themselves.”

Hurt said he has been acting president of Engineers Without Borders for two years and participated in various other organizations.

Senator Kiara Herring resigned from the Senate due to scheduling conflicts. Quick said Herring hopes to apply again next semester.

Senator Jeremy Orbach was dropped from the Senate at a Rules and Procedures committee meeting after the Senate meeting. Quick said he missed two Senate meetings and two meetings at the Rules and Procedures committee.

Sunday’s changes leave the Senate with 39 of 40 seats filled.