Ron Matekaitis announces candidacy for circuit court judge


Ron Matekaitis, associate judge in the 16th Judicial Circuit, announced at the Hopkins Park Terrace room Wednesday afternoon that he will be running for circuit court judge in the March election.

Ron Matekaitis, associate judge in the 16th Judicial Circuit, announced Wednesday he is seeking election as a circuit court judge.

Matekaitis served as a DeKalb alderman for eight years, a DeKalb County Board member for four years and as an attorney for Waterman, Kirkland and DeKalb. However, Matekaitis said he considers his “most valuable legal experience” to have come from his work as the DeKalb County State’s Attorney.

“I interacted daily with our citizens and was responsible for making decisions that affected people, their liberty and their livelihoods,” Matekaitis said during the announcement.

Matekaitis said he helped current Circuit Judge Kurt Klein establish a drug court and the first DUI treatment court in Illinois. Matekaitis said if he is elected to the circuit judge position, creating a juvenile drug court would be the “next logical step.” Matekaitis said he is seeking the position because initiatives like this are easier to implement as a circuit judge than as an associate judge.

“Circuit judges have a greater flexibility,” Matekaitis said.

During his statement Wednesday, Matekaitis said that he also hoped to review various programs that Illinois law and local courts require some people to attend. He said some divorcing couples with children take a class that teaches them the potential effects of their divorce on their offspring. Matekaitis said some people put off taking this class, and that he thinks it would be more effective if parents took the class earlier in the divorce proceedings. Matekaitis said the reviews will determine if programs like this are effective and being done at a competitive cost.

During his campaign, Matekaitis said he will refuse campaign contributions from attorneys and their spouses to avoid the perception that money will influence his decisions while in office.

The position Matekaitis seeks will be vacated by Judge Kurt Klein. Maureen Josh, DeKalb County Circuit Clerk, said Associate Judge Bill Brady is running for the position as a Republican. Matekaitis, who is running as a Democrat, said he has known Brady for 30 years.

“Elections against anyone can be a challenging proposition,” Matekaitis said. “I expect it will be a professionally run campaign by both candidates.”

Josh said both Brady and Matekaitis are “wonderful people.”