Local hotels expect more guests

By Thomas Verschelde

Local hotels expect more guests during homecoming week and weekend.

“Everybody is sold out during homecoming weekend,” said Vicky Torres, general manager of Best Western DeKalb Inn and Suites, 1212 W. Lincoln Highway. “We love homecoming weekend.”

Tina Tatel, supervisor of the Motel 6, 1860 Dekalb Ave. in Sycamore, said all rooms during homecoming week will be $5 cheaper than normal. During homecoming weekend, rooms will be $15 cheaper than normal.

Cindy Meeks, hotel manager at the Holmes Student Center, 340 Carroll Ave., said that she had her staff go through some extra preparations for the upcoming week.

“We prepare for Homecoming Weekend in much the same way as we prepare for any other busy time, be it a big sports event, special guest speaker, conference or wedding group,” Meeks said. “We double-check staffing to make sure we have enough staff to quickly check-in our hotel guests, check supplies so we know we have everything we will need and inspect the guest rooms to provide a well maintained comfortable room. It’s all about the guest and [his or her] comfort.”

Nancy Young, general manager of the Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 1935 Dekalb Ave. in Sycamore , said that while they do get busier this time of year, it is only partly because of homecoming.

“We do get busier this weekend, but there are other events going on this weekend as well as homecoming, which bring people to the area,” Young said. “We are getting groups from soccer, volleyball and weddings this weekend.”