Two Chicago men arrested in connection with car burglaries

By Dave Gong

Two men were arrested Wednesday in connection with car burglaries on NIU’s campus.

According to NIU Police reports, Demetrius D. Henderson, 26, of Chicago, and Jonathan Green, 28, of Chicago, were both arrested Wednesday. NIU Sgt. Alan Smith said Henderson is charged with burglary, forgery and credit card fraud, while Green is charged with possession of burglary tools.

Henderson’s bond was set Thursday at $100,000, while Green had bond set at $5,000, said Julie Trevarthen, DeKalb County assistant state’s attorney.

“We have been processing evidence from all of the burglaries and the course of the investigation led us to Henderson,” Smith said. “Green is an associate of his.”

Smith said Henderson has admitted to several car burglaries, but could not comment on the exact number due to the ongoing investigation.

Smith said NIU Police had reason to believe Green’s vehicle had been used in a number of car burglaries on campus. Police reports state police performed an investigative stop on Green’s vehicle at about 2:59 p.m., Wednesday. Upon investigation, burglary tools were found inside the vehicle.