Students still have a variety of options for Halloween costume supply stops


Sycamore residents Amy Munro (right), 42, and daughters Whitney (center), 16, and Kailey (left),14, browse for Halloween costumes at Party City, 2350 Sycamore Road, Wednesday night.

By Linze Griebenow

Whether you’re a crafty genius or a Halloween classic with your costume this year, finding a store with all the right accessories is a must.

For the Crafty Genius:

  • Where: Goodwill, 1037 S. Annie Glidden Road                         Why: Proceeds from purchases go back into the northern Illinois and Dekalb communities to fund programs that aid people in finding jobs. Goodwill also carries both modern and vintage styles of clothing and accessories, broadening your options for costume creation.                                                                              Sales: 25 percent off all Halloween items                            Contact: (815) 756-4200
  • Where: Salvation Army Family Thrift Store, 1814 Sycamore Road
    Why: This year, the Salvation Army carries not only thrift items to create your own Halloween get-up, but prepackaged costumes as well. Wedding dresses, jean jackets, boots and blazers are all staples of Salvation Army thrift stores.
    Sales: All green-tagged items are half off
    Contact: (815) 758-3814
  • Where: Lavish Thrift, 153 E. Lincoln Highway.
    Why: This store features funky clothing and accessories that span across the decades and include all styles of fashion.
    Sales: All vintage clothing starts at $1
    Contact: (815) 756-3747
  • Where: Hobby Lobby, 2500 Sycamore Road.
    Why: DIY costume accessories such as masks, makeup and wings can all be found here. If you’re looking to add a personal and unique touch to your Halloween outfit by creating accessories yourself, there are endless supplies at Hobby Lobby.
    Sales: 40 percent off coupon online, rotating in-store sales
    Contact: (815) 756-2592
  • Where: Party City, 2350 Sycamore Road Ste C.
    Why: Party City offers the choice of prepackaged costumes or mix n’ match accessories to create your own. There are sales galore on everything from pet costumes to Elvira wigs. Party City also holds extended Halloween shopping hours this week through Monday only.
    Sales: 85 percent off select costumes, in-store sales
    Contact: (815)754-6487

For the Halloween Classic:

  • Where: Jo-Ann Fabrics, 1712 Sycamore Road.                         Why: Ready-made costumes for trick-or-treaters of all ages at Jo-Ann Fabrics are on sale and are sold alongside other Halloween-themed craft items such as cupcake decorating and pumpkin carving utensils.                                                                      Sales: 60 percent off costumes                                                 Contact: (815) 756-3490
  • Where: Walmart, 2300 Sycamore Road.
    Why: It’s no secret that Walmart is your one-stop shopping center and this Halloween is no exception. Candy, accessories and costumes line the back aisles. Costumes ranging from pet to toddler to entire family sets are on sale.
    Sales: Clearance costumes, starting at $8
    Contact: (815) 758-6225