It’s time to pay Forte, Jerry Angelo

By Jimmy Johnson

As a college student, I can’t say that I balance my budget very well.

Often, I throw cash at things I don’t need, so I don’t tell other people how to spend their money.

But then there’s Jerry Angelo, the Chicago Bears’ general manager. Good ol’ Jerbear and the rest of the Bears’ management are holding their pocket books tight in regards to running back Matt Forte.

The Bears have a strict policy with contract negotiations: If you have a signed contract already, you must abide by it.

But the Tulane product is in the final year of his rookie deal, making a “modest” $600,000 – a bargain bin deal for a productive back like himself.

If the Bears continue to delay paying Forte and his play stays at this level, his value will only increase that much more.

Talk is cheap, Jerry. So take a hammer to your precious piggy bank and pay Forte.