My NBA nightmare is coming true

By Jimmy Johnson

That dark, unsettling feeling is starting to creep up on me.

It appears NBA labor talks have been stonewalled for now.

Three days of NBA owners and players conversing resulted in nothing more than fans getting blue-balled into the belief that progress was being made to save this season.

Instead, after their latest meeting on Thursday, there were no plans to continue discussions on a specific date.

I, for one, love the association.

Especially when it’s coming off one of compelling and captivating seasons in years.

Now, with this latest puncture to my alley-ooping adoring heart, I am petrified of the idea of no basketball this season.

No Derrick Rose crossovers.

No Carlos Boozer head bobbling.

No Stacey King one-liners.

I guess I’ll have to take a liking to the NHL…ugh.