Man accused in shootings pleads not guilty to lawyer attack

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — A man accused of shooting a New Hampshire church pastor and bride during a wedding pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges that he attacked his own lawyer, who was hospitalized with head injuries.

Dale Holloway, 37, of Manchester, was indicted this month on six assault charges. He was accused of striking his public defender in the face and head, causing him to suffer a hemorrhage and a broken nose.

The two were meeting in a jail interview room Oct. 21. Holloway had been arrested in connection with the shootings at the Pelham church Oct. 12.

Holloway denied assaulting the lawyer, Michael Davidow. No one was watching them.

WMUR-TV reports that in court Wednesday, Holloway’s new lawyer, Donna Brown, had questions about the assault charges, many of which were similar.

“It’s hard for me to say what he’s actually facing,” Brown said. “It seems the state is bringing alternative theories. They definitely have brought indictments that would run afoul of the double jeopardy clause.”

Brown said she is seeking clarification.

Prosecutor Brian Geklek-McKeon said the charges are subject to change. He said two first-degree assault charges allege that Holloway caused the hemorrhage and broken nose. He said the second-degree assault charges are based on alternative theories of what happened.

The judge said Holloway, who is in jail, would only get a bail hearing if new facts come to light.

In the church case, Holloway faces charges attempted murder, assault, and being a convicted felon with a firearm. He’s pleaded not guilty.

Stanley Choate, 75, the presiding bishop, was shot in the chest. Claire McMullen, 60, was shot in the arm. Authorities said the groom is the father of a man who was charged with killing Holloway’s stepfather.