Honors House plans to move into new residence hall complex


Nivek Kelly, freshman honors student statistics and probability major, exits the Honors House located in Douglas Hall C wing.

By Juliana Leprich

Honors House has found a new home.

The floor, currently located in Douglas Hall, will move to the new freshman residence hall complex next fall.

Christopher Jones, associate vice provost for University Honors, said he secured the move.

Jones said he approached Brian Hemphill, vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

“He, I, and other members of the administration realized we have to have the best accommodations available for students to be successful in recruiting them,” Jones said. “NIU needs to recruit more high achieving students by having the best learning living resources for these students.”

Jones said honors students will be able to take advantage of perks of the new residence halls.

At an informational meeting held about the move for honors students, Honors Program Coordinator Emily Del Monaco said students who live in the new hall will be the “first people to sit on that love seat and lie in that bed.”

Del Monaco also said each pair of rooms will have a vanity area, allowing one student to get ready at the sink while the other showers.

“This shows honors students that the institution is making them a priority,” Jones said. “Not everyone will have access to the new residence hall; there will be about 200 beds reserved for honors students.”

Some current honors students said they approved of the planned move.

“I feel like this move is a good thing because I know a lot of honors students that wanted to live in the honors house this year, but there wasn’t enough space,” said Molly Milligan, freshman illustration major.

The new residence hall will feature single rooms exclusively, which will each share a bathroom with one other room. The rooms are organized into pods of 12, with one community adviser governing two pods. In addition to semi-private bathrooms, each pod will feature high-speed internet, a community living area, a laundry room with a washer, dryer and kitchenette. The new complex will have 1,000 beds.