Deadline for Promise Fund apps set for Nov.1

By Thomas Verschelde

The DeKalb County Community Foundation (DCCF) is accepting applications for a Promise Fund grant that would provide up to $1,500 to educational institutions and community organizations that provide services to the underserved.

Elaine Suarez, DCCF Community Initiatives Intern, said the grant should be used in an effort to increase participation of underserved populations in community life and leadership development. By increased education, understanding and tolerance, churches and other social institutions that play a transformative role in the community are strengthened.

“The Promise Fund was developed to inspire the community to help make a difference for those who are underserved in DeKalb County,” Suarez said.

The deadline for the Promise Fund application is Nov. 1 and the application can be found at

The Promise Fund is one of many grants that the DCCF offers throughout the year.

Hope Haven, 1145 Rushmoore Drive, recently received a $150,000 grant from DCCF in order to expand their emergency shelter.

“Historically, the foundation has been very supportive of Hope Haven and the needs of the homeless,” said Hope Haven director Lesly Wicks. “It is a wonderful and compassionate community foundation that helps the neediest in our community.”

DeKalb Mayor Kris Povlsen said the Promise Fund grant provides a great opportunity for organizations to purchase some much needed supplies.

“When the Roberts family first formed the foundation, I don’t believe they ever thought it would grow this big,” Povlsen said. “So many people have contributed to this foundation and it has exceeded all expectations as to how it helps local agencies.”

“Promise Fund Grant Committee will meet in the fourth week of November to decide how the grant funds will be allocated. Organizations receiving a grant award will be notified immediately after the meeting,” Suarez said.