Haven’t been to a men’s soccer game? Here’s your last chance

By Brian Thomas

Winning tends to breed positive reactions.

If a team is successful on the field, fans typically will plop themselves into the stands. So my question to all you NIU fans is simple: Where has been the support for the men’s soccer team?

The Huskies got off to a stellar start for 2011, winning their first five games of the season. Since then, NIU has had an overall record of 9-4-0 and a 1-2-0 record in the MAC.

The Huskies also managed to crack the top 25 earlier in the season, yet have fallen out of that group as they’ve lost three out of their last five matches.

Despite these recent bumps, this shouldn’t stray fans away from coming out. NIU adopted a new style, as they’re now an aggressive, attacking team on offense. The evidence lies in the Huskies scoring 18 goals in their 13 games played so far this season.

NIU men’s soccer will host its last home game of the season Sunday against MAC opponent Florida Atlantic.

It’s an important and special night for the seniors, seeing as it is also senior night at the Track and Field & Soccer Complex.

When NIU football held its homecoming game Saturday against the Broncos, a season high 20,277 fans attended the game. Sure, this might have an asterisk next to it, since it was homecoming and there was an added reason for fans to come out.

Men’s soccer is coming off its first MAC win against Western Michigan, 3-0, and looks to close out its season at home with a bang.

Regardless of the fact that it was the homecoming game for the football team, Huskie fans should turn their attention to the men’s soccer team and give them some support.

So, if you’re looking for a winner to root on, stroll on down to cheer the Huskies Sunday.