SA Senate votes down bill, recognizes Social Media Consultants

By Felix Sarver

Greek governing councils will not be able to judge if a Greek organization is eligible for permanent Student Association recognition.

The SA Senate voted down a bill Sunday in which governing councils would be able to approve an organization’s eligibility for SA recognition.

“I think the bill that failed today was really antithetical to what the SA stands for,” said Senator Mike Theodore.

The SA is supposed to be treating all other organizations equally, but the bill that failed would have given more power to one SA organization over another, Theodore said. An organization would be able to prevent another organization from existing on campus, Theodore said.

“To me that’s not what the SA is supposed to be doing,” Theodore said. “We’re supposed to be seeking more involvement, more organizations on campus.”

Thaddeus Leavy, vice president of administration for the Interfraternity Council, gave a speech to the Senate about the bill. The bill would have made it possible for the IFC to monitor other social fraternities and allow them to become SA recognized, Leavy said.

“If you’re a social organization it allows for IFC…to monitor…that organization,” Leavy said. “The international organization promotes joining the smaller organizations anyways.”

The IFC is a governing body for social fraternities, Leavy said.

Delta Chi President Kazimier Chevas gave a speech to the Senate in favor of not passing the bill. Social fraternities would end up needing membership with Greek councils, Chevas said. Both Delta Chi and the IFC fall under the SA.

“Why should we have membership in one to become a member of the Student Association?” Chevas said.

Chevas said he has heard no complaints about this bill from other Greek organizations but no advocacy from anyone either.

“It seems like it is just the IFC executive board pushing for this,” Chevas said.

Another bill, stating vice presidents must notify governing councils within 48 hours of a Greek organization’s suspension or revocation of recognition, was passed.

Social Media Consultants received recognition. The group focuses on increasing student enrollment, student retention and funding initiatives through social media.

Senator Deldric Henderson was absent from the meeting. Senate Speaker Austin Quick said Henderson has been absent a total of four times. Quick said he was absent from three Senate meetings and one committee meeting.

According to the Senate Operating Manual, any senator with three absences during a single semester will be considered removed from office.