Costumes vary: traditional, shocking, bedazzled bras

By Melissa McKenna

Gone are the days when Halloween consisted of dressing up and going door to door for candy, racing around the neighborhood and stuffing your pillow sack with nothing but sugary goodness. You felt like a kid in a candy shop. Now that we’re all grown up, and the thrill of going door to door is less than enticing, college has thankfully reinvented the appeal of Halloween, giving us a reason to once again dress up and revel in the fun of picking out a costume.

“This year I’m going to be a creepy, traditional witch,” Francesca Zomkowski said. “I love costumes that encompass what Halloween is supposed to be traditionally about so like, magic, dead people and monsters. It’s my third year being a witch, and my boyfriend is going to be a vampire and my friend is going to be a werewolf, so we’ll be like the traditional three cliché Halloween monsters but done correctly.”

Stepping away from the traditional costume, C.J. Nolla, junior political science major, shakes it up a bit with her costume of choice.

“I’m going as a girl,” Nolla said. “I’m a lesbian, so I haven’t dressed like the typical girl in years. It’ll be funny shock to my friends. I plan on picking up a couple of college guys, and then not calling them the next day.”

Swaying a bit more towards pop culture, freshman business major Amanda Fernandez looks to Katy Perry for inspiration for

her costume.

“This year I’m going as Katy Perry,” Fernandez said. “People have told me that I look like her, so I decided to do that this year. My boyfriend Richie is going as Russell Brand. He’s tall and lanky, so it’ll be perfect. I already bedazzled a bra to look like one of her stage costumes, so I’m pretty excited.”