‘I never liked Zooey’

By Aurora Schnorr

DeKALB | Fox’s new sitcom, New Girl, officially premieres tonight. However, sneak peaks and early availability On Demand have made the pilot episode a hit before it even airs.

I’ve never liked Zooey Deschanel. There’s just something about her that drives me crazy. She’s the quintessential cute, cool girl. Maybe she really is annoying, or maybe it’s jealousy (she did get to marry Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard, after all), but either way, I just didn’t like her. But since watching the New Girl pilot, I’ve completely fallen in love with her.

Deschanel plays the recently dumped Jess Day. She’s quirky, awkward and adorably naïve. The show focuses on Jess and the three guys she recently moved in with. The rag-tag trio of roommates is made up of a fellow wallowing dumpee, Nick, played by Jake Johnson (No Strings Attached); your classic Wall Street-type bro, Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield; and Coach, an insensitive personal trainer played by Damon Wayons, Jr.

Unfortunately Wayons will only appear in the pilot episode, due to the unexpected renewal of his roll on another sitcom, Happy Endings. Rather than trying to recast him, the show will introduce a new character in his place in the second episode.

Whether she’s sobbing on the couch to Dirty Dancing or lying on the floor in overalls and high heels, no one can contest Deschanel’s “cute factor.” In fact, the show relies on it pretty heavily. In the short term, this doesn’t sound like a problem. Down the line, however, New Girl will have to put major effort into the character development of Jess’ roommates, or else the show will fall flat and into the same piftalls as other short-lived sitcoms, such as NBC’s effort last season with Perfect Couples.

New Girl, as a pilot, has a lot going for it, though. By shooting with only one camera and using Deschanel, known better for movie roles than for her television cameos, the show takes steps toward a fresh look at the classic sitcom. As shows like Wilfred pave the way toward a more unconventional look and feel to television shows, New Girl fits right in by standing out.

With jokes ranging from Lord of the Rings to granny panties, there’s really something for everyone. Possibly the best joke (one that I plan to implement in my own apartment) is the “Douchebag Jar.” Every time the roommates say something that makes them sound like a tool, they have to put money in the jar. Schmidt is forced to contribute several wads of cash in the pilot alone.

The show is a great mix between hilarious and heart-warming. The only real complaint I have is that there is no way a girl like Zooey Deschanel would have any trouble picking up guys, no matter what city she’s in. Either way, I plan on sticking around to see if she can finally find her man.

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