Lance Briggs wants to ride the money train

By Jimmy Johnson

Is anyone drawing a feeling of déjà vu with Lance Briggs’ recent contract demands?

After seeing fellow NFL linebackers rewarded with contract extensions, the Chicago Bears three-time All-Pro wants some loving of his own.

But if we turned back time (forgive me with the unintentional Cher reference) to 2007, Briggs made similar remarks about not being granted a chance to ride the “Money Train.”

The Bears franchise-tagged Briggs, paying him a generous $7.2 million for one year, yet he asked to be signed to a long-term extension.

He even went as far as to say, “I’ll do everything that’s within my power to not be with this organization.”

Briggs should have dialed up the Juggernaut to help during the negotiation process, since he eventually caved in and looked softer than Aquaman gabbing with sea creatures and signed a six-year deal.

Briggs is entitled to receiving another pay raise.

He’s in the latter half of his career, and once his contract runs up in three seasons, it could be his final pay day.

But if he’s going to threaten the Bears, he should at least stand by his words this time.