Will the Eagles fly to victory? How about, no

By Matt Hopkinson

Will the Philadelphia Eagles soar above competition?

No one can deny their talent, but one has to question their fragility.

The aspect in question is the ability for the big play makers to stay healthy. Obviously, this is important for every team. The Eagles have more at stake, however, because their offense truly depends on a select few.

Michael Vick has a natural penchant for running and doing it well; however, he still has yet to learn to slide. If teams continue to dog him defensively (pun intended), he can and will break down.

This same fragility can be applied to DeSean Jackson, who is an amazing talent, but is also only 175 pounds sopping wet.

The Eagles do not have an easy road defensively either, with matchups against tough defensive teams such as the Chicago Bears and the New York Jets later on in the season.

They are definitely the glamour pick – the flavor of the month – but how long can they stave off spoiling and having it all turn sour?

Personally, I feel they will be right there when the playoffs roll around, but when tough defense becomes more important, I don’t think the Eagles can withstand a team that stops the big plays.