The buzz on DeKalb’s Bean Scene


Lacey Olvera-Perez, freshman elementary education major prepares a drink for a customer at the Coffee Corner Tuesday afternoon.

By Sarah Renae Contreras

As academic life becomes more manic, many of us will be searching for ways to perk up our bodies and minds. The answer to our need is simple: coffee.

Devotees of the delicious drink know quite well the warming effect a good cup of coffee can have on the dreariest of days. But, aside from being tasty, coffee also provides the lift we need when we feel our heels dragging and our eyelids drooping. It’s the perfect drink, really. It is this fact that has filled me with a desire to lead my fellow java lovers on a quest to find the fulfilling coffee drink of their dreams. Whether you’re on the go or settling in for the long haul, I’ve found a place for every schedule and whim.


1015 W. Lincoln Highway

My inclusion of the polarizing coffee giant need only be explained with three words: Pumpkin Spice Latte. Not enough for you? Along with awesome seasonal espresso drinks, the ‘Bucks offers a wide range of drip coffees and brewed teas that inspire almost reverent devotion. Though it can be crowded at times, landing a table after a between-class rush guarantees you access to that classic “Starbucks vibe.” The friendly baristas (and savvy regulars) are happy to explain the ordering lingo, and drinks are (usually) crafted with care and know-how. Also, for those who are experiencing a caffeine jones on the west side of campus, the location cannot be beat. Say “hello!” if you see me there!

Coffee Corner

Holmes Student Center

Set at the heart and hub of campus, the Coffee Corner in Holmes Student Center offers the most convenient espresso fix you can ask for. Lattes, teas, drips and hot chocolate can all be scooped up here five days a week. Service is friendly and fast, ensuring you will be on your way to Wirtz, Graham or Farraday with a smile on your face and a pick-me-up in your hand. Located in the main dining area of the Holmes Student Center, Coffee Corner has the bonus of an abundance of tables and booths. Crowds can be a bit too much for quiet studying but the area is ideal for quick rest or group meetings. Also, check out the “We Proudly Brew Starbucks Coffee” sign.

Founder’s Cafe

Founder’s Memorial Library

If it is a calmer atmosphere you seek, head across MLK Commons to Founder’s Café on the lower level of Founder’s Memorial Library. Same yummy lattes, more studious vibe.

Three Sons Café

Barsema Hall

Students on the northernmost reaches of campus (we’re looking at you, business and engineering majors) can enjoy a rejuvenating cup of joe at Barsema Hall’s Three Sons Café. Grab a muffin or a salad for a nutritious beginning, middle or end of your class day.


Sunshine Scoop Shoppe & Bakery

818 W. Lincoln Highway

Yes, yes, this place sells ice cream. But did you know that it has found a creative new ingredient to mix with its yummy frozen treats? Oh yes, ladies and gents, Sunshine Scoop has a menu of coffee and ice cream mixed drinks designed to put a spring in your step any time of day. Its Euro Latte is created by adding a scoop of any one of the 42 flavors of ice cream to a helping of bold drip coffee; a Java Shake is a concoction of coffee and espresso flavored ice creams blended with a flavor of your choice. If neither of these sound intense enough to tackle a long academic day, try a Monster float: 2 scoops of ice cream added to one of three Monster Energy drinks. Hop across Lincoln Highway and give it a try!

House Café

263 E. Lincoln Highway

If it’s a laid back experience you’re looking for, look no further than the House Café. Though not as close to campus as some other java joints, the House by far has the best ambiance. Inviting sofas, tables and booths dot the eclectic interior, tempting you to settle in and enjoy a quiet day of deep-thinking and blogging. And its coffee? Excellent. I recommend their White Chocolate Mocha, a creamy-sweet treat of a drink that is sure to energize and delight. The House offers lattes, cappuccinos and a fabulously robust drip coffee in addition to a vast area of teas and juices. Stop by on a lazy afternoon, and you’ll wonder why it is not already your favorite

local hideaway.