Owen a visit to DeKalb

Sarah Contreras

How do you get to know a person, really? You ask questions. But not just any questions; you have to find a way to get to the core of a person. As far as interviews with musicians go, there are certain questions everyone expects such as, “who inspires you?” and, “how has your music evolved?”

While that’s all well and good, sometimes you can be left wanting more. Fortunately, the Northern Star recently caught up with Owen‘s Mike Kinsella. On the cusp of releasing a new album, Ghost Town, Kinsella was gracious enough to answer a few unconventional questions. Read on and get a peek into the head/life of the man behind the music.

1) Name: Mike Kinsella

2) What my mother calls me when I’m in trouble: Just Mike, but said in her teacher voice.

3) Favorite city: Hmm…Tokyo? Berlin? Anywhere I can drink good beer and not be attacked while stumbling home.

4) Favorite album of 2011 (so far): I don’t really listen to music too much, but I like the Nicki Minaj songs I hear on the radio.

5) Mac or PC: Mac. I’m a sucker for aesthetics.

6) Last book read and thoughts on it: I’m halfway through my brother Tim’s book (The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Self-Defense), and I really like it. It’s like math-rock literature.

7) Best way to pass time on the road: Honestly, sleep. Everything else is either too expensive or will get you in trouble.

8) Currently in my Netflix Instant Queue: Angelina Ballerina

9) Favorite TV shows: I’m into all of those dumb home renovation shows. It just makes me feel good to know that there are other idiots out there who repeatedly f— up cutting crown molding.

10) Describe feelings towards Middlewest Fest in 5-10 words: I’m going to get Tapatios on the way home. (9!)

11) Bands I’m looking forward to seeing @ MF: I like what I’ve heard of The Felix Culpa, and I’m looking forward to hearing Mark [Hladish] play.

12) Favorite places in DeKalb: The sports bar down the street from the House Café where I watched tennis last year.

13) Thoughts on Ghost Town: Just killing time.

14) Favorite track off GT: Right now I like “Too Many Moons” because I get to try to speak French a little.

15) Upcoming tour plans: Chicago in November, East Coast in December. That’s about it.

16) This year’s Halloween costume: Jerry Bryant from JBTV. I’ve already got the beer belly.


Owen’s new album, Ghost Town, will drop November 8, 2011. Look for him @ Middlewest Fest as Smltwn Skate Shop stage Saturday at 9:30 pm.