Parking violation fees increased at NIU July 1; remote lots offered for faculty, staff, student use

By Dave Gong

Fees and fines for parking on campus have increased for the 2011-2012 academic year.

According to a May 10 NIU Today article, the increase in fees for parking passes and fines for parking violations began July 1.

The article stated NIU Parking Services also began offering remote parking for faculty and students this semester.

“We are pleased to offer remote parking for students, faculty and staff at a cost of only $40 per year,” said Kristin Mommsen, Director of NIU Parking Services, in an email interview. “Remote parking is located in Lot C2 at the Convocation Center and is serviced by the Huskie Bus Line.”

Faculty and staff wishing to utilize the remote parking will receive a purple pass, while students will receive a green pass, Mommsen said.

According to the NIU Today article, the increase was approved in order to keep up with the costs associated with campus parking.

Campus Parking Services is not funded by tuition, fees or state money, Mommsen said in the article.

A table provided in the article shows the majority of the prices for various campus parking permits. Fines have increased this semester, some by as much as 50 percent.

Senior communications major David Daum said he was not pleased with the increase.

“Students are already paying enough money as it is. Why take more money from them?” Daum said.

In the article, Mommsen said while Parking Services committee members are sensitive to the costs of driving, the majority of the prices have not risen since 2000.

What hasn’t changed, however, is how people pay their fines, Mommsen said.

“Procedures for paying parking tickets have not changed,” Mommsen said. “Tickets may be paid in the parking office, online, by mail or by dropping payments in the secured drop box on the east side of the parking office building.”