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Mentor program should expand alumni outreach

By Kim Randall | April 10, 2014

College is supposed to prepare students for the real world, and large-scale networking opportunities can best give them that opportunity.NIU has been making progress with its initiatives to provide students with internships and mentoring programs. While...

Editorial: Master Plan’s goals too idealistic

By Northern Star Editorial Board | April 7, 2014

NIU’s ambitions are more than its means when it comes to the Master Plan Thesis.The Master Plan Thesis is a series of objectives — remove Stevenson and Douglas, close Normal Road to car traffic, have food trucks visit every Friday in the fall, etc....

Late Night Ride needs fix

By Kim Randall | April 3, 2014

There is a lot of work to be done in order to make Late Night Ride become the system it can and should be: fast, smooth and painless.A March 24 NIU Today release said the Student Association and the Department of Police and Public Safety released a survey...

Pass/Fail: Campus Rec to stay open longer, Spring break is tough to get over

By Danny Cozzi | March 19, 2014

Pass: Campus Rec to stay open longerThe Student Recreation Center is set to extend its operating hours starting Monday according to an NIU Today release.Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I plan on taking advantage of the extended times. I accepted...

Pass/Fail: Iroquois stories to be shared, Trojan study not legitimate

By Danny Cozzi | November 12, 2013

Pass: Iroquois stories to be sharedMohawk storyteller Kay Olan will tell tradition Iroquois tales tonight, according to NIU Today.Olan’s stories will "explore the life of ancient and modern Native Americans" and "illuminate the tradition of storytelling...

Students need to attend Bold Futures Workshops

Students need to attend Bold Futures Workshops

By Kim Randall | October 27, 2013

NIU President Doug Baker has been making extensive efforts to bring about change. Perhaps the most important one he’s put forth is the Bold Futures Workshops.These workshops were created with the intent of bringing our community together to collaborate...

Pass/Fail: ‘Children of the Corn’ sketch show to mix culture, fun, fright, Basics of PowerPoint workshop to take place a few years late

By Danny Cozzi | October 22, 2013

Pass: ‘Children of the Corn’ sketch show to mix culture, fun, frightRather than getting drunk all Halloween weekend, do something with less alcohol but just as much entertainment.The School of Theatre and Dance seniors are hosting a sketch comedy...

Pass/Fail: NIU law listed as one of ‘best value’ schools, Midterm week: Student doom is on horizon

By Danny Cozzi | October 8, 2013

Pass: NIU law listed as one of ‘best value’ schoolsThe National Jurist magazine ranked the NIU law program as one of the top in the country, according to an NIU Today release.The College of Law was included in the top 45 programs, and received a B+...

Second year residency good idea

By Kim Randall | October 2, 2013

Student Affairs and Enrollment has been discussing extending the student requirement for living in the residence halls to two years.I’m sure many students have groaned and rolled their eyes at the proposal, but, as crazy as it sounds, I don’t think...

Pass/Fail: NIU Today release praises English majors, Turnout for SA elections falls short of goal

By Danny Cozzi | September 29, 2013

Pass:  NIU Today release praises English majors“So, do you want to be a teacher or something?”This is the dreaded question for every English major who isn’t actually aspiring to teach. Well, it is to me at least.After years of explaining to nosy...

Pass/Fail: Huskie Stadium sells out for first home game, Douglas sees less traffic for vegetarian dinners

By Danny Cozzi | September 22, 2013

Pass: Huskie Stadium sells outNIU made a head-spinning comeback on Saturday against Eastern Illinois, but that wasn’t the best part of the football weekend.The passing grade here is the game sold out for the first time I can remember, and NIU won its...