Pass/Fail: NIU law listed as one of ‘best value’ schools, Midterm week: Student doom is on horizon

By Danny Cozzi

Pass: NIU law listed as one of ‘best value’ schools

The National Jurist magazine ranked the NIU law program as one of the top in the country, according to an NIU Today release.

The College of Law was included in the top 45 programs, and received a B+ rating in the National Jurist 2013 study.

Paying for an education is a serious issue for countless young people. So, seeing NIU as one of the best schools for its cost is definitely something worth bragging about.

Sure, you won’t get to brag to your family and high school rivals that you went to Harvard or Yale, but you do get to pride yourself in getting a good education without being buried alive in steep loan debt like with other universities.

If law school is something you’re considering, don’t jump into finding the most prestigious school. Instead, see what you can get from staying here. Your checkbook will thank you.

Fail: Midterm week: Student doom is on horizon

Well, the worst week of the semester is getting closer and closer, and there’s no way out.

I always dedicate the song “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival to this mid-semester end of days.

Some students will argue finals week is the worst part of any semester. From personal experience, I can attest to finals being notoriously awful, but it’s certainly not the worst. Finals attribute to my coffee binges and insomniac study sessions, but there’s always a sense of community among us Huskies as we pass each other knowing every single one of us is completely screwed.

But after finals, we take a much needed rest. After midterms? Not a chance. You go right back to sitting in class and putting everything off until the last possible second.

In the words of the great John Fogerty, “Hope you got your things together, hope you are quite prepared to die.”