Pass/Fail: NIU Today release praises English majors, Turnout for SA elections falls short of goal

Danny Cozzi

Pass:  NIU Today release praises English majors

“So, do you want to be a teacher or something?”

This is the dreaded question for every English major who isn’t actually aspiring to teach. Well, it is to me at least.

After years of explaining to nosy strangers teaching isn’t the only option for English majors, NIU Today posted an article Sept. 23 about the versatility of the English program. Now, all I have to do is print out the article and give it to everyone who asks how I plan to get a job after graduation.

The article lists a variety of careers English graduates have obtained over the years, with teaching being only one of many.

But this isn’t about English majors exclusively. NIU Today’s article really shows how flexible any major can be.

We learn skills from core classes as well as our specific majors that we apply later.

Nobody is ever really confined by his or her major.

Fail: Turnout for SA elections falls short of goal

Students had the opportunity to vote in the Student Association elections Wednesday, but more were interested in a new Samsung phone, according to a Thursday Northern Star article.

Roughly 750 students came out to the polls Wednesday. Seven-hundred-fifty huskies realized the people put in Senate positions have the ability to control millions of dollars of students’ money.

It’s unfortunate to realize many of the students who I heard complaining about the new bus routes at the start of the semester had a chance to vote Wednesday, but chose not to.

There are more than 21,000 students at this university, and seeing only a fraction of us voting is a disappoinment to me.

What’s especially disheartening is the turnout was poor despite the SA using a website to provide information on each candidate. There was no excuse not to vote this year.