Fitzpatrick has a cannon of a brain

By Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson

Sports Editor

Peyton Manning’s neck injuries might turn out to be a blessing in disguise for some fantasy football owners.

At least for myself.

Unfortunately, I was dim-witted enough to miss my fantasy draft a week ago.

And knowing my luck, my absence ended up having the computer’s artificial intelligence picking Manning.

But perhaps in the cyber world of Tron, or maybe the great Jeff Bridges had his hand in this, but Ryan Fitzpatrick was selected as my backup.

And after his opening performance, I’ve come to realize Fitzpatrick doesn’t throw touchdowns; he bombards knowledge bombs.

The Buffalo Bills’ quarterback chucked four scholarly touchdown passes in a 41-7 bulldozing of the Kansas City Chiefs.

So, for now, Manning can take a back seat and twaddle about DirecTV or how he can’t throw the equivalence of charades at the line of scrimmage because I have the Harvard sage racking up points.