Five minutes with Nathan Palmer

By Eli Gehn

Not only is Nathan “Napalm” Palmer a productive wide receiver coming back for his final season with the NIU football team, he’s also a musician.

Palmer has created an anthem for the football team this year with the help of others that will be played before every game.

The redshirt senior is one of the leaders for the stout set of Huskie wideouts who are coming back to help secure a MAC Championship.

The Elkhart, IN native took some time to talk with the Northern Star about his expectations for this years receiving corps, as well as his passion for singing.

Northern Star: How long have you been singing?

Nathan Palmer: I’ve been doing music for a long time, but I just got serious about singing probably my freshman year. The guys kind of signed me up for a talent show around here.

NS: What’s it been like trying to get used to the no-huddle offense under offensive coordinator Matt Canada?

NP: It’s been like track practice but I mean it’s been great. Coach demands a lot out of us. He wants us to be the best offense that we can be and it’s good because he pushes us and I think we’ve grown as an offense being under him in learning this no-huddle.

NS: Which is more fun for you? Recording in the studio or playing football?

NP: If I had to choose, I would say football is a little more fun because it’s such an adrenaline rush. There’s nothing like it, and playing with your brothers is a big thing for me too. Recording is actually like the offseason of music. That’s the most strenuous part so I really choose football over recording.

NS: Who do you look up to as a singer?

NP: I look up a lot to Usher. I’ve watched his career all the way through my childhood. Guys like Prince, just what he does musically, as far as how he dresses I don’t agree with, but he’s a music genius. Luther Vandross is a big inspiration of mine, and Michael Jackson of course.

NS: There’s no question you guys have great depth at the receiver position this year. How do you guys think you’ll perform?

NP: There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll perform well. We’ll do great things and it doesn’t matter who we put on the field. I feel like if everything is clicking with the receivers, we’ll be unstoppable this year.