Local photo club holds informal competition

By Ryan Felgenhauer

The Sycamore Public Library Photography Club held an informal photo competition Wednesday. The competition challenged members to bring their best photographic interpretation of the theme “The Dog Days of Summer.”

The club gives monthly assignments, and the “Dog Days” competition was used as a way to give some incentive to members to complete the assignment, said Sarah Tobias, founder of the Sycamore Public Library Photography Club.

The winner of Wednesday’s competition, who was unavailable for comment, garnered first place with a photo of his dog.

The prize for the competition was the ability to choose the assignment for the next month.

“It provides a motivator for members to go out and do photography.” Tobias said.

During the meeting, the winner said he would decide on an assignment at a later date.

The members have been meeting and completing such assignments for some time.

The Photography Club has been active since Jan. 19 and meets on the first and third Wednesday of every month, Tobias said.

The main goal of the club is to provide members incentive to go out and shoot photos, and to provide a place in which they can discuss their hobby.

“This club is about taking photos, having fun and taking photos,” Tobias said. “We’re here to motivate and learn from each other.”

A typical meeting involves showing photos, then critiquing and discussing what they’ve seen or done since the last meeting.

Sometimes they go out and take photos as a group, or discuss a new technique, said Sycamore resident Mike Pinter.

This exchange of information is meant to improve the photographic ability of those involved.

“I’ve learned a lot from a lot of great people,” said Sycamore resident Kirk Hallowell. “We just hang out and take photos.”

The first and second meeting of each month have different focuses.

“The first meeting of the month is about sharing and talking about photos,” Tobias said, “The second is more activity-centered.”

The Sycamore Public Library Photography Club meets next on Sept. 21 in the basement of the Sycamore Public Library at 103 E. State St. in Sycamore.