What orientation didn’t teach you: free movie and music rentals on campus

By Connor Rice

It’s no secret by now that campus has a broad array of venues for live entertainment.

But what about the rare nights when there’s nothing on the calendar? When on a college budget, sometimes Redbox is a little out of the price range. Thankfully, NIU has quite a bit in the way of pre-recorded media. For absolutely free, students can rent movies and more from a variety of places on campus. Here’s a look at where to go for a night in or a lazy afternoon:

WHAT: Founder’s Memorial Library DVD Collection

WHERE: Founder’s Memorial Library

WHY: Think the library is just an endless amount of books? While there are surely worse ways to spend one’s time than reading, visual stimulation is sometimes just as refreshing. Hidden on the first floor behind the only escalator in the city, Founder’s Memorial is hiding an eclectic collection of DVDs and VHS tapes. From American Pie to British television to obscure, old Batman serials, there is literally, to beat an old phrase to death, something for everyone. Nothing you’re looking for available? Talk to the front desk. Founder’s trades materials with other libraries to provide a broader selection.

WHAT: NIU Music Library

WHERE: Music Building

WHY: Music nerds like myself have heard surprisingly little about this section of campus, so exploring it for the first time is something like a religious experience. The expected musician biographies, concert DVDs and sheet music adorn the shelves, but the real treat is the second floor vinyl collection. Audiophiles are sure to find something cool to spin. Don’t own a turntable? No worries, the Music Library does. Tuck yourself in the booths and old practice rooms for an afternoon with a stack of records.