Rumors of Nicktoons remakes pose big questions

By Jerene-Elise Nall

There has been a very enticing rumor floating around that Nickelodeon is planning on launching re-makes of hits from the not-so-distant past including Doug, Rocko’s Modern Life and Angry Beavers, just to name a few.

Before all the ‘90s kids lose their cool, I’d like to establish that the key word in this paragraph is, apparently, “rumor.” In fact, one forum thread on the topic even suggests that the rumor started at a high school newspaper.

Sorry, fellow Beanie Baby collectors and Pokemon masters at heart — there is no conclusive evidence that this rumor is true. While it seems that rerunning these shows now is working, we may never see Doug in anything but that olive green sweater vest and those red Chucks.

It does make me wonder what these remakes might be like, though. What color would Doug’s vest be? Would the next musicians to take on the Rocko’s Modern Life theme song do the members of the B-52s’ legendary version of the theme any justice at all? And, most importantly, would the beavers still be angry?

Some questions may be better left unanswered.