Midwest Museum of Natural History holds exhibit of frog photography


Midwest Museum of Natural History shows off it’s new photographic exhibit “Frogs, a natural history.”

By Ryan Felgenhauer

The Midwest Museum of Natural History (MMNH), 425 W. State St., is holding a photo exhibit showcasing the lives of frogs.

The Natural History of Frogs exhibit represents many kinds of frogs in a wide variety of different situations.

“The photos are of frogs from all around the U.S.,” said Molly Holman, Executive Director of MMNH. “They show many aspects of their lives, from courtship to their life cycle.”

The photographs focus on the frogs themselves, rather than on the environment around them.

“They look like something from National Geographic,” said senior illustration major Stephanie Guerra.

The exhibit aimed to raise awareness of the natural history of frogs as a species, as well as issues pertaining to the environment.

“Frogs are a good way to engage people’s awareness of environmental issues,” said John Murphy, the photographer responsible for the exhibit. Frogs are not Murphy’s usual subject matter.

Murphy’s typical photo subjects are snakes, according to his website.

The Natural History of Frogs focuses on what Murphy thinks is a more welcoming animal.

“I’ve done exhibits on snakes before,” Murphy said. “But frogs are less threatening to most people.”

The museum staff was unsure exactly how long the exhibit will run, but they hope it will last until the end of the year.

“The photographer has been very generous,” Holman said. “We hope he’ll let us keep the exhibit until December.”