Local hard rock band Shuvlhed digs Corn Fest

By Connor Rice

DeKALB | Since 2004, the influence of AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses and Bon Jovi has been well-felt in the Northern Illinois area.

Local hard rock group Shuvlhed wears its influences on its sleeve, taking the hedonistic debauchery synonymous with the genre and replacing it with down-to-earth fun.

Aug. 26 will mark Shuvlhed’s first Corn Fest appearance. The group says it has been submitting itself to the festival every year, and according to lead singer Duane Fisher, the band is just happy to say that they got in.

“We appreciated the opportunity,” he said. “Hopefully our fan base, which we think is pretty strong… they’ll show up and support us.”   

Shuvlhed just wants to make people happy and would love if the band’s stint at Corn Fest will be what drummer Mike Barker described as, “A good time had by all.”

“We’re interested in [the audience’s] reaction,” Fisher said. “We enjoy playing…we play to entertain, to energize the crowd, and hopefully they go home with a good feeling inside.”