The best set goes to…

By Jerene-Elise Nall

Manic Zamboni, an unsigned band from Wisconsin, played the best set of the entire festival late Saturday night. With an effortless cool and a transcendent sound that needs to be heard to be believed, Manic Zamboni wowed fans both old and new. After playing what proved to be a set nothing short of epic, guitarist Adam Hile remarked, “those lights were wild,” in reference to the incredible lightning show the performers of Stompkee were spoiled with. The group is shown here early Saturday evening, taking a walk around the fest’s campgrounds.

Although it turned out Kool Keith was a little too cool to show up for his headlining slot at this year’s Stompkee, the official verdict for Stompkee VI is success. Though summer is on its way out, the upcoming year promises to build the foundation for future fests. Stompkee seems to get better every year, and fans of the fest are surely looking forward to lucky number Stompkee VII next summer.