Rant: Wrigleyville should embrace change

By Tony Osborne

There have been talks of the beloved Chicago Cubs moving away from their longtime home on the North Side: Wrigley Field.

For many, this is absurd and should be thrown out of conversation. However, I believe there would be nothing better for the Cubs to move to a suburb with a more suitable fan base.

Many people believe Wrigleyville is heaven on Earth, but frankly, Wrigley Field is going down the drain.

If the team rebuilds in a suburb, that would mean a new stadium, and that is something that is needed most.

Some will be upset that, if the Cubs packed their bags and left, the tradition of Wrigley Field and what it has to offer would be left behind.

However, there is no reason the Cubs should not just build a stadium that has both the strong traditions of the past stadium with additional upgrades.

The traditions that should be kept are the scoreboard, ivy, bleachers and, of course, the Old Style beer.

Cubs fans, embrace this new opportunity and see it as a chance to never worry about where you are going to park and not having to use a trough as a bathroom.