The Rant: We hardly knew ‘Rie

By Chris Dertz

It’s a sad day for Dukies everywhere.

After a long, arduous relationship, the Kyrie Irving era has ended at Duke, likely leaving Blue Devils fans everywhere distraught beyond belief.

Guh. A shot to the stomach this big hasn’t been felt by a fan base since Ohio State lost the 80-year old face of their program in Greg Oden.

It lasted a monumental 11 games, but it feels like just a moment ago that Irving was giving Duke dreams of a national title. Now he is leaving toe program destitute, unable to go on without his ever-present leadership and determination.

You could take John Wooden, pump him full of Super Serum, teach him taekwondo and paint his face like the Joker (Dark Knight style), and he wouldn’t be able to lead a college program with 10 percent of the skill that Irving showed in harboring the dreams of Dukies the world over.

So, it must be asked: What ever will you do now, Duke?