The Rant: Corruption in Chicago

By Chris Dertz

Sox fans have to choose whether to be elated or embarrassed.

The one thing that the Cubs had over the Sox was that they had never fixed a World Series.

Or had they?

New documents have surfaced that hint that the Cubs threw the 1918 World Series, and that the Sox got the idea to throw the 1919 Series from the Scrubby Cubbies across town.

Should South Side fans be pumped that their team isn’t the only embarrassment to the game, or embarrassed that their arch-nemeses did it one year earlier, and the Black Sox were just a bunch of lousy posers instead of having a hilarious, original idea?

I will choose to feel a little bit of both, because the world is not black and white, and the full spectrum of human emotions can’t be whittled down to yes or no.