‘Black and Yellow’ meets black and red

By Takia Simpson

The green carpet was rolled out as Wiz Khalifa performed Wednesday night in the Convocaton Center.

Mac Miller, one of Khalifa’s artists and a member of his team Taylor Gang, opened the show. Miller, like Khalifa, had no problem with crowd appeal as he performed for almost an hour with fans bouncing their hands up and down to his music.

Then, the arena went pitch black, a purple spotlight glazed onto the middle of stage, introducing the DJ. The lyrics “Can we get much higher?” poured out the speakers as Kanye West’s “Dark Fantasy” played and the crowd roared in excitement. Then the introduction to the Cabin Fever mixtape came on, and Khalifa walked on stage joining in on the song while sipping from a red cup of “strong water.”

Behind the pandemonium were adoring fans, who clapped, danced and even “rolled up” to support the rapper. Police circled the arena, searching for the drugs that Khalifa proudly promotes, pulling out offenders who managed to sneak the substance in.

But what is truly amazing about the Green Carpet Campus Consciousness Tour is that its name does not imply those kinds of drugs. Instead, Khalifa aims to promote environmental awareness. He is using clean burning biodiesel fuel to power his tour bus and only biodegradable and recyclable products backstage.

The “Black and Yellow” performer’s energy was strong. Even when the crowd was not familiar with his singles they still bounced up and down, mimicking him as he flew across stage, leaving one woman asking, “How does he have so much energy if he’s high?”

Walking out of Khalifa’s show can be summed up in a few words by junior chemistry major Tobi Alao: “It was awesome!”

The show was almost a success, having all the right elements except a full house. In fact, Khalifa only packed what seemed to be a third of the Convocation Center. Although “Taylor Gang takeover” was exciting, with the tickets being so inexpensive, it was expected that the rapper with a No. 1 hit would pack a building. Despite a small crowd and numerous drug busts, fans were left amped up and ready to party after leaving the performance.