5 minutes with Zoe Sinner


By Jimmy Johnson

As one of two seniors on the NIU softball team, Zoe Sinner is taking pleasure in her final year with the team. Sinner and her Huskie teammates had a successful trip to Denver, going 4-1 in the Colorado State Classic.

The Downers Grove native took some time to chat with the Northern Star about being one of the only seniors on the team, her preparation, and if NIU will be having any nightlife fun in Reno, Nevada.

Northern Star: You and Andrea Colosimo are the two only seniors on this year’s team. How’s your last year as a Huskie been going so far?

Zoe Sinner: Well it’s been a really cool experience, because when I first got here, I really didn’t understand the whole [softball] program and what it was about. But after I’ve grown with the program, now being a senior, it’s really cool to look back and reflect on everything I’ve learned and how the program has evolved. Being one of the two seniors with Andy, it’s really cool for us to have grown up and seen that process over the years.

NS: You’re a designated hitter and a right fielder. Do you prepare yourself a certain way before a game whether you’ll be called upon to just hit, or hit and play defense?

ZS: Before every game, I always prepare myself like I’m going to be hitting and fielding. So, I’m always prepared for whatever and it doesn’t really matter. I love batting, so I’m always prepared for that. It doesn’t really bother me too much, I just prepare like I’m going to be starting on the field and if I’m DH’ing, I’m just as happy to be hitting and then I’m able to focus more on hitting.

NS: So far, you and your teammates have done quite an amount of traveling early on this season, including Colorado. Did you do anything out there besides play softball?

ZS: Colorado was pretty much strictly softball. When we checked in [at our hotel,] there were a bunch of people with snowboards and skis. It was funny that they were going to ski and we were going to play softball. We were there for just a short while but it was really cold out there, lower 50’s. Being in the high altitude, it was funny because we found ourselves out of breath easier than [in DeKalb] while we were running around. It was really cool to be playing and see the mountains behind the field.

NS: You also went to Texas before that. Comparing the two visits, which did you enjoy more, scenery-wise?

ZS: Texas was a lot more fun just because of the warmer weather. We got the chance to watch the NIU baseball team while we were down there too, and we were sitting in the stands and we had to put on sunscreen and cover our heads because we were sweating. It was nice to come back with a little color on our skin. Being on a trip for strictly softball, I would definitely prefer the warmer weather.

NS: Over Spring Break, you’ll be playing in Reno. Of course you’ll be playing softball, but will there be any late-night fun for you and your teammates?

ZS: I’ve never been out there before, but some of my teammates have said Reno is the mini Las Vegas. So we asked [head coach Lindsay Chouinard] if there was chance to gamble, and she just laughed and said it would depend on how we played.