Next concert may be Legend Haz It last show


DeKalb Hip Hop band Legend Haz It. The group’s debut album is now available on iTunes.

By Chris Krapek

DeKALB | Only two years in and they’ve already become legendary.

Legend Haz It will celebrate its two-year anniversary by playing a free show at 9 p.m. on Friday at The House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway.

A jazzy septet fronted by MC Keith “Legend Mane” Winford, Legend Haz It has played virtually everywhere in town, even opening for T-Pain at the Convocation Center. Now, with members graduating from NIU, this could be the last Legend Haz It show in DeKalb for quite some time.

The Northern Star recently talked to drummer and senior percussion performance major Dan Pratt about his memories of the band and what the future holds for Legend Haz It.

NORTHERN STAR: This is Legend Haz It’s last performance in DeKalb as NIU students, what’s next for the band?

DAN PRATT: We plan to relocate to Chicago to continue pursuing a career as a band. Several of our graduated members already live there.

NS: What are your best memories of the last two years?

DP: We all agree that our best memories are the first rehearsal that we had — where the magic happened. We really clicked. Also, our first show was an incredible night. It proved to us that our dreams are possible.

NS: Where was your favorite place to play at?

DP: The House Cafe has been our home turf. The vibe there is always great! However, my favorite show has to be 2010 Huskie Bash. It was just a blast.

NS: Why did you decide to make this show free?

DP: We decided to make this show free in order to give back to our fans and all those who have supported us.

NS: You guys have said that “the music comes first; not money or popularity.” Explain that.

DP: Our main goal is to further and contribute to the “musical canon,” — to provide something that doesn’t exist yet. Being paid to do it would be great, and honestly, it’s necessary in order to keep the group up and running. At the end of the day though, we’re doing this to make music, not to make money.

NS: Do you think leaving NIU/DeKalb will have any influence on your music?

DP: Our music is constantly changing, so I believe our music will evolve upon relocation. We’ll still be Legend Haz It, though.

NS: You’re playing your senior jazz recital prior to the Legend show. What do you have planned?

DP: I have some tunes planned that I think really allow me to express myself in a jazz idiom. We’re taking it back to our rock roots too, and playing a Led Zeppelin tune that I arranged for a jazz setting. The group will feature Legend Haz It’s rhythm section in a context that many have never seen. It’s exciting.