College Fashionista writer talks trends

The Facebook of fashion has arrived at NIU.

College Fashionista is a website created to blog the different fashion styles around campuses.

The website was created by Amy Levin while she attended Indiana University. Her passion for blogging led her to create the site, which was originally made for Big Ten schools, but has now spread to schools all over the country and internationally.

College Fashionista writer and senior textiles, apparel and merchandising major Madeline Webb spoke to the Northern Star about her experiences and fashion advice.

Northern Star: Tell me about the history of College Fashionista.

Madeline Webb: As far as I know, the founder, Amy Levin, started just out of college. She went to the University of Indiana. She talked to a counselor about how she was unsure about her career path. The counselor suggested that she start a blog because that what she liked to do. So she just started taking pictures of people on campus. It soon spread to different campuses, and different schools began asking if they could have their college on College Fashionista. Then, it expanded more. She just launched an international site at the beginning of this year.

NS: So how did you start at College Fashionista?

MW: I started in December. I have friends at DePaul and Western who did it last semester. I saw their posts on Facebook. My one friend at DePaul suggested that I do it, she said, “You should definitely do it. It’s your type of thing.” So, I tried it.

NS: How do you label someone a Fashionista?

MW: I’m scoping out people all the time. How I determine if someone is a Fashionista [is] if they look like they take pride in their appearance and put effort into their outfit. Also if they are wearing something out of the ordinary that I usually don’t see students wearing.

NS: What is your fashion advice for the girls?

MW: For spring, I just wrote an article about color, because color is really big for the spring. It’s so grey outside. If you wear color, it brightens your day. Also, cropped skinny trousers and the color honeysuckle.

NS: And for the guys?

MW: I think guys need to dress a little sharper. I’ve been seeing a lot of sweatpants and sneakers. They need to put a little more effort in.

NS: Does your background have anything to with your style of fashion?

MW: Yeah, because my mom and my whole family [like] vintage clothes, we go thrifting. For the most part I prefer going to the thrift store than going to the malls. I just like to find something for myself that’s original and you have to work to find it.

NS: So when you do go to the mall, where do you like to shop?

MW: The typical H&M and Forever 21, for the college budget. I also like J. Crew, Banana Republic and the more high-end stores.

NS: I know you mentioned you don’t like sweatpants and sneakers. What other trends to you dislike?

MW: I’m really sick of pleather jackets. People are wearing them all over campus.

NS: What was your favorite fashion era?

MW: I like the โ€˜40s through the โ€˜60s. They were more sharp and dressy and formal. I like structured dress.

NS: Where do you see fashion going this summer?

MW: Definitely โ€˜70s fashion; wide leg jeans, funky floral plants, and wedges.

NS: Any last words?

MW: College Fashionista is a good way to get an update of what people are wearing all over campus and at other campuses. You can see how trends spread. Anyone who is interested in fashion can look for ideas.