Candidates for DeKalb 3rd Ward Alderwoman

By Danny Ciamprone

Kristen Lash: Candidate for DeKalb 3rd Ward Alderwoman

Education: Lincoln Land Community College and 2007 bachelor’s degree in child development from NIU

Experience: Worked in various levels of DeKalb politics for six years. Currently working for Children’s Learning Center as a site director for the before and after school program at Littlejohn Elementary.

Why she is running: Lash feels DeKalb residents are disconnected from government and as a result do not get their concerns heard. She often hears people say, “Who is our current alderman?”

Role of alderwoman: Lash said people should be more involved and work together with officials. This is why if elected she will hold monthly meetings for residents of the 3rd Ward. The town hall meetings will be with her, elected township representatives, the school board and county board members.

Biggest issue: Lack of communication between residents and government officials to try and solve problems.

Paulette Sherman: Candidate for DeKalb 3rd Ward Alderwoman

Education: Bachelor’s degree in political science and applied probability and statistics from NIU

Experience: Served on DeKalb County Board in 2006

Why she is running: Sherman believes the city’s priorities must be re-evaluated, especially in tough economic times.

Role of alderwoman: Make the city more streamlined, efficient and business-friendly.

Biggest issue: Promises to hold the line on all taxes. As a result, she will explore new ways to cut spending and ensure DeKalb continues to provide a wonderful home to its many citizens.