Study space series: Library offers a quiet learning environment


Sophomore business administration majors Michelle DiVita (left) and Nick Nudo (right) study at Founders Memorial Library Wednesday night.

By Nicholas Drammissi

Does your dog always eat your midterm study guide? Does your roommate talk incessantly? Looking for a place that makes you feel scholarly?

Follow the Northern Star through its weekly installment of the best study places on the NIU campus and around DeKalb to find your favorite brain-space.

For students who long to study in silence, the Founder’s Memorial Library is the place to be.

Kimberly Foster, sophomore English and secondary education major, said she likes the library because of its policy on noise.

“The library is the best place to study because everyone has the same intentions,” Foster said. “I can’t study with any noise, so that kind of limits my options on campus.”

Associate professor and reference librarian Junlin Pan said she feels that the library is, without a doubt, the best place to study on campus.

“Personally, I feel it’s the best place,” Pan said. “Students can get information in a quiet place. There is also free WiFi available, study rooms and a lounge on the lower level for study breaks and group discussion. There is a computer lab on the third floor where students can print for free.”

Pan said in addition to the resources the library offers, it has a high comfort level as well.

“There are comfortable couches in the lounge,” Pan said. “Also, now students can use cell phones; certain areas allow it. We also have a specialized study room to accommodate disabled students with a staff in the room to help.” Pan also mentioned that, for a fee, lockers are available.

“It costs five dollars, but when the key is returned, the money is returned,” Pan said.

Electrical engineering major Jose Gomez said he also thinks the library is a prime study area.

Gomez said he would recommend going to the library because of the abundance of space.

“The tables have a lot of space on them to spread your stuff out,” Gomez said. “There are also plenty of outlets so I can use my computer.”

According to its website, the library is open from 7:30 a.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday, with reduced hours Friday through Sunday. The library offers extended hours during both midterms and finals. During extended hours, anyone can use any of the study rooms without a reservation as long as said room is not being used, the website stated.