The Rant: Give it to D-Rose

By Andrew Singer

They liked Derrick Rose before you did.

Now that you like him, though, they suddenly aren’t so interested in the Chicago Bulls’ point guard getting that coveted MVP award.

“They” are the hipster members of the media. The people that refuse to vote for a player just because everyone tells them they should. Media hipsters are in every sport, and they’ve been making sure their voices are heard for years.

In 1936, when the National Baseball Hall of Fame chose its charter class, Babe Ruth received “only” 95.13 percent of the vote.

What was the other 4.87 percent thinking when they filled out their ballots? In addition to skinny jeans and Pabst Blue Ribbon, the original hipsters were busy thinking up some inane reason why the Sultan of Swat shouldn’t be in “The Hall.”

Rose is the deserving MVP, and anybody that says different should promptly be met with three choice words.

Haterz gon’ hate.