In Focus: Should Congress repeal Obamacare or keep it?

By Perspective Staff

Jack Baker, columnist

It’s not often that I agree with Republicans, but I have to on this issue. Obamacare was never the correct answer. Forcing people to buy insurance was supposed to lower costs how? Congress needs to revisit the health care issue and create an entirely new system focused on making it easier for doctors to file claims with insurance companies, so that consumers can actually see a decrease in health care costs.

Aaron Brooks, columnist

Valid reasons? Well, to me that would imply facts. To justify taking away health care from 30 million Americans you would have to have some pretty good facts. Let us see what facts offers. OK, clicked on “Get the facts.” Hm, there are only five. Well, they must be well-supported. Holy crap! Most of their reasons are supported by editorials. That means everything I write is fact. The GOP are sleazebags. P.S. I am still waiting for all those jobs that the tax cuts were going to create.

Nathan Fulkerson, columnist

The Republican party’s reasoning for a repeal of the health care bill is absolutely not valid. Not that the health care reform is a perfect solution as is–it lacks the single-payer system that would have made the reforms actually worthwhile, but I guarantee that’s not what Republicans have in mind if they succeed in repealing Obamacare.

Portia Kerr-Newman, columnist

It is hard for me to decide if I am for or against the idea. Republicans and Democrats have important points to how it could affect America. Democrats are stating that with this new act, people can stay on their parents’ health insurance until 26, there is more protection available for those denied insurance and there will be tax breaks. This is all great but the Republicans say this will cause employers to cut jobs and make medical services rise. This is not what I am for and it makes me unable decide if the act will make or break America.

Kathryn Minniti, columnist

They have the right to repeal because it does not make sense that we are spending trillions of dollars that we do not have and working families and businesses will be taxed more. I don’t get where all this money is coming from that we are spending and I do not agree with what Obama wants to do with the health care system.

Alyssa Pracz, columnist

I think before completely repealing Obamacare, they should just re-evaluate it. Some Republicans aren’t totally against everything that is stated but just parts of it. That way, they’re making an effort to address the disagreement without completely just dismissing it.