The Rant: Predicting a “Riot”

By Jimmy Johnson

Tears will most likely be shed at some point by Chicago Cubs fans this season.

Yet North Side fans shouldn’t get the water works started over seeing Ryan Theriot in a St. Louis Cardinals uniform.

The Riot’s departure to the Cubs’ division rival was seen as a betrayal by some fans.

I’ll admit it; I own a “you can’t quiet the-riot” T-shirt.

But while he was with the Cubs, I was well aware of who Theriot was as a player: an over-glorified, scrappy, try-hard go-getter.

His defense at short is suspect at best, as it appears at times his arm is going to tear from his body while catapulting the ball to the first baseman.

Running out grounders and turning them into infield hits: not that heroic.

So I hope to not see or hear any fellow Cubs fans grieving over Theriot’s new threads.

Because it isn’t like the Cardinals picked up an ex-Cub who eventually turned out to be a bona fide Hall of Famer…Lou Brock ring a bell?