The Rant: Don’t panic Bulls’ fans

By Jimmy Johnson

You fart in a lecture hall.

You forget to do your taxes.

You said something absurdly embarrassing last night at a party.

Slip-ups, mistakes, whatever you want to call them; they happen to us all.

Including the invincible Chicago Bulls.

The currently top-seeded team in the Eastern Conference had their 14-game home winning streak put to an end after falling to the 76ers Tuesday night, 97-85.

But all of Bulls nation shouldn’t hit the panic button, nor have their finger ready to at any moment.

It’s not the end of the world that the Bulls aren’t going to cruise through and win their final 11 regular season games,

You won’t remember this once the Bulls stomp whoever they’re playing in the first round of the playoffs.

Or when there’s a montage of Joakim Noah screaming and his long-locks flowing in the wind.

So relax, Bulls fans.

But don’t go ripping the cheese at will in front of hundred of strangers.