Molly’s may need to relocate


Traffric crosses Lincoln Highway, at the corner of Annie Glidden Road, near Molly’s Eatery and Drinkery and the Bottle Store. Molly’s and the Bottle Store may be relocated to make room for a CVS pharmacy.

By Danny Ciamprone

DeKALB | Molly’s Eatery and Drinkery and The Bottle Store, 1022 W. Lincoln Highway, may relocate; it depends on whether the owner of the property is able to find a new location for the business.

City Manager Mark Biernacki said he spoke with the property owner, JSQ Commercial, 15 Salt Creek Lane Suite 214 in Hinsdale.

“There is another party that owns the property and Molly’s is the tenant who rents the space,” Biernacki said. “[The property owner] mentioned to me that his sale of the property to CVS was contingent on him being able to successfully relocate Molly’s.”

Biernacki said the owner did not know where the new location would be if he decides to sell.

“He [the property owner] said he was committed to helping them find another location before selling,” Biernacki said.

Sixth Ward Alderman David Baker said the sale of Molly’s and the Bottle Store is more complicated because they are somewhat independent of the other businesses located there.

“The whole deal could be contingent on finding a location to move Molly’s,” Baker said. “I can see an obvious one; it’s called Campus Club. They would only have to move a couple hundred feet.”

Baker said the deal is not a case of eminent domain, in which the city uses its right to take a property for public use, and council is not participating in the deal in that aspect.

Mayor Kris Povlsen said part of the stipulation in selling the property for CVS is that the current tenants must be relocated.

“I have not seen any documents or finalization on that,” said Povlsen. “Relocation…is part of the current stipulation by the owner of the property before CVS can move in there.”

CVS Corporate and Molly’s Eatery and Drinkery and The Bottle Store declined to comment as of press time.