A guide to eating at NIU

By Troy Doetch

DeKALB | There are a few reasons to have lunch on-campus: cafés are within walking distance from your classes, they can be cheaper than the corporate alternative, and you’ve already shelled out cash for Huskie Bucks which are burning a hole in your pocket. But in order to navigate through NIU’s café scene, you’ll need a map:

What: Founders Café

Where: Founders Memorial Library

Why: The advantage here is location. If you need a quick break from your diligent research habits, Founders Café is just an escalator ride away. Located in the basement of the library, Founders offers Papa Nicholas brand coffee at $1.60 for a 16 oz., sandwiches prepared by Food Services ranging from $2.80 to $3.77, and $1.80 hot dogs. Because nothing says study break like a hot dog.

What: The Huskie Hub

Where: Holmes Student Center

Why: Reminiscent of your high school cafeteria, the Hub specializes in cheap hot lunch. Sandwiches and Folgers coffee are both a buck and fries are $1.60. However, The Hub’s other standout isn’t so economical. It’s impressive collection of Naked brand juice drinks sell for $4.60 apiece. An important disclaimer: with so much cheap fried foods, “huskie” in this instance may be a double entendre.

What: Coffee Corner

Where: Holmes Student Center

Why: Since Coffee Corner sits at the beginning and end of both Huskie Bus circles, it’s the most convenient place to get a good cup of joe. Serving four blends of Starbucks Coffee at $1.75 for a 16 oz. Coffee Corner also does espresso, making a 16 oz. mocha for $3.55. And for the really thrifty, muffins are two dimes cheaper than at the Hub.

What: Three Sons Café

Where: Barsema Hall

Why: Matching Coffee Corner’s coffee selection and prices and serving the standard Food Services café sandwiches, Three Son’s Café stands out with breakfast sandwiches made on-location that range from $1.75 to $2.35. In addition, seating is offered in the sleek new atrium of Barsema Hall. The only problem is that it’s located way down Garden Road, making it an irrational trek unless you’ve got a business class in Barsema. How set are you in your major?