SA EXECUTIVE ELECTIONS | Student trustee candidate profiles

By Jacqueline Evans

DeKALB | Elections for the Student Association executive cabinet are Tuesday and Wednesday. This is the final installment of all candidates running for the four positions: president, vice president, treasurer and student trustee.

Jaemin Robertson

Year/Major: Senior/political science

Current SA Position: Vice president

Other Group Affiliations: Black Male Initiative, Black Student Union and Liberated Minds Organization

What is the most pressing issue facing the Student Association now?

“I think the biggest issue we face as SA is students not voicing their opinions. A lot of students don’t know how much power they really have on campus. We (SA) feel as though it is important for students to feel open about voicing how they feel and by doing that we must implement and promote student involvement.”

What do you hope to accomplish as student trustee?

“As student trustee, I plan to be a liaison between the student and the university. Even though I hold a leadership position, I am still a student that wants to do just as much as the next, make a difference. I feel because of my humbling personality and understanding of what we as students need, I will be able to execute that with my leadership skills and integrity.”


Nora Lindvall

Year/Major: Junior/English and political science

Current SA Position: None. Other leadership roles include being a student representative on three NIU committees: the Honors Committee, the Undergraduate Coordinating Council and the University Assessment Panel.

Other Group Affiliations: NIU Triathlon Team, Engineers Without Borders, Sigma Tau Delta (English Honors Society), the Student Advisory Council on Learning Outcomes (SACLO) and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Board.

What is the most pressing issue facing the Student Association right now?

The most pressing issue facing the SA is accessibility. We must reach out to students who feel “unconnected” to the NIU community and encourage them to engage in feedback with the SA and challenge their student representatives to consider their views when making critical decisions.

What do you hope to accomplish as student trustee?

I can offer the student body a mature, respectful and committed voice as student trustee. I value the opinion of all students, and engaging in an open and honest dialogue about issues that matter most to others is of great importance to me. As student trustee, I will make sure to be in touch with the needs of other students. My vote will be representative of the whole–not my own personal opinion.