Isaacman sentencing is delayed

By Zachary Brictson

The former lawyers of Zachary Isaacman testified Thursday about the amount of contact they had with their client throughout his trial.

Isaacman, 23, was convicted of shooting another student, Brian Mulder, outside of Stevenson Towers last year.

The former NIU student arrived at the hearing at 2:37 p.m. wearing an orange jumpsuit, glasses and a yamaka.

Thursday’s hearing was for the motion Isaacman made in January regarding the ineffectiveness of counsel. The court did not have time to reach a sentencing after the hearing.

Isaacman’s newly-appointed public defender, Robert Carlson, was present, as well as Isaacman’s former attorneys, John Paul Carroll and Michelle Gonzalez.

The hearing began with Carlson calling Isaacman to the stand, where Isaacman answered questions regarding the alleged lack of communication between him and his attorneys.

Isaacman seemed calm, and responded to most inquiries with “Yes, sir” and “no, sir.”

Isaacman said he made numerous attempts via phone and mail to reach Carroll. When asked how many letters he sent, Isaacman said he sent “at least 20.”

“[The case] weighed heavily on me,” Isaacman said.

Carlson called Carroll to the stand, and then Gonzalez. Both Carroll and Gonzalez were asked to recall the times they made contact with Isaacman.

Carroll and Gonzalez said they had been communicating with Isaacman’s mother throughout the case.

Carroll said he did not attempt to contact Isaacman via phone or letter, but confirmed he had received letters and acknowledged the content within them.

Gonzalez had been communicating with Isaacman’s mother via phone and text. After the questioning, both Carroll and Gonzalez were permitted to leave.

Carlson later called witness NIU student Mercedes Lawson to the stand.

Lawson was asked to recall what she had seen or heard when looking out her dorm room window at the time of the incident. Lawson said she could not remember everything.

Lawson said she was on the 10th floor of the residence hall and heard yelling and arguing outside. “Is that a knife?” and “I have the right,” were all Lawson said she could recall. She said she could not confirm the identity of the speakers.

Lawson was then permitted to leave and the hearing ended due to running late.

Isaacman’s next court appearance will occur on March 23 with the potential for sentencing.