Warmer weather expected for DeKalb area

By Drew Veskauf

DeKALB | Temperatures are expected to rise above freezing this weekend, bringing an end to the frigid temperatures seen for the past week, said NIU meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste.

The cause of the recent single-digit temperatures and below-zero wind chills was a jet stream that brought some arctic air from Siberia through Canada and ending up in the central United States, Sebenste said.

DeKalb did not reach any record lows during the past week, but it did see temperatures as low as 13 degrees below zero Wednesday night, Sebenste said.

Temperatures this weekend will be returning to the 30s with possibilities of reaching mid-40s by next week, Sebenste said.

Although the warmer temperatures will feel nice in comparison to this past week, February still has a chance to reach frigid temperatures towards the end of the month, Sebenste said.